Deep Peace

Sometimes when I sit down to write my mind is still. Totally at peace. My life right now is virtually stress-free, filled with leisurely moments (and long hours) of contentment. I have all I need–a home, plenty to eat, and the love of my life finally showed up to joined me. I live in the beautiful artsy town of Ashland, Oregon. The RV my hubs and I live in is cozy, parked beneath a towering redwood. It’s our version of the American Dream and it fits us as perfectly as we fit together. So when I sit down to write, my mind is still. Turns out, that’s a bit of a problem. To write, that stillness must in some way be disturbed. Often, I find it difficult to disturb the peace of my existence to make way for story. I can hop on the Internet and rile myself up about something, but that just sucks away hours that would be better used writing. Often, I crave a change of venue to give me back a bit of the edge I need to write. Coffee shops. Writing outside. Putting together a makeshift workspace with a chair and a music stand to hold my iPad with keyboard so I can sit outside my husband’s workshop and do a bit of crafting. Those changes help, but what helps most? Writing practice. Just putting my fingers on the keys and starting to type. I get sucked into writing the same way I would if I’d chosen to open Facebook and scroll through the posts. I forget at times how well writing practice works. This blog is helping me to remember. So…what about you? How to you train or trick your way into writing? I’d love to hear!cropped-kim-griswell-header.jpg

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  1. Kathy Doherty says:

    You–my dear writing coach–taught me to spend time free writing. Because I’m a perfectionist, the hardest draft for me to write is the first one. I love to revise, though. Thank goodness!

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