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Writers are often much better at writing their books than talking about them. So here are a few choice words from others who have something to say about my books. A big thank you to each of these bloggers and reviewers. Keep the reading dream alive!

“Rufus Goes to School, by Kim T. Griswell, with illustrations by Valerie Gorbachev, is so charming it could be enjoyed at any time of year. But this tale of a piglet’s bid to get an education is perfect for September.”

“Utterly charming text and illustrations combine for a winning back-to-school story.”

Children’s Book World

“A warm, gently humorous story for kids who are looking to school with anticipation, not trepidation.”

Publishers Weekly

“Griswell’s list of imagined pig offenses is hilariously random (apparently pigs like to knock over block towers, leave nose prints on the windows, etc.), and each trespass is painted by Gorbachev with a maximum of pink, potbellied cuteness.”


“I’m in love. He’s a book lover. He’s determined. He’s a visionary guy. He knows the value of an education and he’s going to
learn to read if it’s the last thing he does.
Oh and he’s pink and he’s a pig.”

A Book and a Hug

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