Hello wonderful writers!

One of the things I love most about being a writer is other writers, especially children’s lit. writers, who are a very special breed. If you write for kids (or want to or admire those who do) then you’re part of my tribe. The posts I share on Write Life are for you. Maybe you’ll learn something from one of them. Maybe you’ll post a comment that helps me learn from you. I’ve been a writer, editor, writing coach, and workshop leader for long enough to know that there is a special synergy that happens when people who love reading and writing commune. I hope you’ll commune with me.

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  1. Liz says:

    Thanks for setting this up & for inviting me.
    I look forward to sharing and improving aspects of my writing.

    Enjoy the process!




    Hi Kim and fellow writers out there and in here,
    I’m not sure how to use a blob, but I am grateful for the invite. I don’t mind telling all that I feel very blessed to be working with you. Here’s a quick cat story. The tac team brought in a little orange kitten one April night. It crawled under our desks all night and we fussed over it all night, putting it in boxes and draws, neither of which could hold it. Finally it settled under Sgt. Brown’s desk and big feet! The officer who had brought “Sandy” in, had heard it meow from under a car in Englewood, one of the high crime areas. So, we told Sgt. that the kitty had found a home, just don’t take off your shoes! But when the dawn broke, everybody left cute kitty for home and bed!
    “Come on, Kitty,” I said, “The day crew is to civilized for you.” I live just west of Englewood, maybe you can up grade.” Kitty baptised my car on the way home, which made it official.
    Cute kitty


    1. kimgriswell says:

      What a great anecdote! And lucky kitty. Not so lucky car! Looks to me like you know how to blog just fine. You probably have stories every day that you could write down and work up as short stories, picture books, etc. I think this one could lead to a really fun short story if you had an interest in pursuing it.


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