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Recommended as a “must have” by child literacy specialists! Illustrated by the amazing Valeri Gorbachev, Rufus Goes to School has been called “a love letter to reading that’s also a charming, original, and child-friendly first-day-of-school story.”

What happens when a book-loving piglet shows up for school and sees a sign that says, “Enjoy your summer vacation!” He becomes a pirate, of course. Read all about Rufus Leroy Williams III’s life on the high seas in Rufus Goes to Sea.

“A tale of perseverance, and a marvelous paen to the joy and power of reading.”—Booklist


Rufus has already gone to school and sailed the seven seas on a pirate ship. Now he dreams of the Moon, the stars, and Mars. But Commander Luna tells him, “No pigs in space!” Find out what Rufus does in this sci-fi fantastic tale about the adventurous pig who uses his reading abilities to make his dreams come true. Click here for a sneak peak!

“Those who love pigs, pirates, and planets are sure to be pleased.”


School Library Journal says,

“Children will love this intrepid pink hero.”